Toni Childs


My name is Toni Childs… I am an Emmy winner and three-time Grammy nominated recording artist, installation artist, environmental activist, and now a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

In 2003, Eve Ensler, author of the Vagina Monologues, asked me to write an anthem that would inspire people to end violence against women and girls for her documentary, Until the Violence Stops. The documentary aired on Lifetime Television in January of 2004, and my song, Because You’re Beautiful, went on to win an Emmy that same year.

Because You’re Beautiful is an incredibly powerful and potent song, that is ever-evolving, and which is central to my unique yoga offering. This song inspired me to design a very powerful yoga experience that includes silent meditation and a live performance love shower experience…

In 2008, I released a new album called Keep the Faith, and put Because You’re Beautiful on the album. For the next three years, I toured all the nooks and crannies of regional Australia to perform countless concerts.

During the tour, I noticed that men and women in the audience looked somewhat detached. It was like they were beaten by life. A lot of the women looked like they had left themselves on the side of the road, and forgot to go back to pick themselves up… Perhaps they had given all their energy to being amazing mothers, wives or lovers. Or perhaps they remained in a relationship they should have left years ago or had lost a loved one. Whatever the reason, it appeared to me that these women were losing their playfulness, sensuality, and most importantly, their power.

Witnessing this, I felt compelled to start talking about what I was observing during my concerts. I began inviting women to come onto the stage with me so I could sing to them personally and remind them of the truth – that they are beautiful and their very essence is beauty! This produced an incredible amount of tears, and vulnerability!

After performing Because You’re Beautiful at countless venues around the world, I listened to my intuition and inner guidance to bring this transformational experience into the more intimate setting of a yoga environment. I designed a yoga experience which combines improvisational dance, silent meditation, story-telling and live singing plus a number of asanas… Taking this experience into a yoga studio made sense to me as I’ve been practicing yoga and silent meditation for 30 years. My Hanai mother and brother, Patricia Howard (Kauai, Hawaii) and Saul David Raye (Sedona, Arizona) teach yoga. Their teaching styles are inspiration for elements of my sessions. [Hanai is Hawaiian for adopted]

In this process I was able to see humanity has a beauty wound and it is not gender centric – both men and women have issues around worthiness and question whether they are deserving.

I believe cultivating self love and mindfulness practices – the skill to create an internal bandwidth of silence so we can tether to our beautiful essence, and learn what it means to pick and choose the thoughts we connect with – is key to evolving to our next level of personal evolution (which is my greatest drive in life}, and I am sharing what I have most to learn myself!

My husband Mik and myself are traveling from town to town looking to connect with like minded individuals. People like ourselves who are moved to grow our personal seed of evolution from within by incorporating yoga and meditation into a daily practice and aligning with the resonance of beauty that we are.

I guess I would have to say that my yoga sessions focus on growing our personal seed of evolution through self love, self appreciation and by advocating for ourselves. Yoga allows us to release and move energy out of the body so we can reduce mind chatter to sit in silence and observation in order to create a greater bandwidth to access our expanded SELF: Soul Evolved Life Force.

My sessions are an introduction into a mindfulness practice that includes yoga asanas, dance & celebration, soundscapes and songs to support our greatest desire to let go of what no longer is serving us, and embrace what we are longing to connect to most – our BEAUTY AND WORTH!