“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction” – Cynthia Occelli

Seed is the name of my new book… and I am so so excited to be writing it!  It is a book that has been brewing in me for some years. It is not a big book, but it is a potent book.

The purpose of Seed is to highlight and support our ability to grow the personal seed of evolution that has been germinating in our heart centres since we were born into an organic body.

POST_SEED_1800I want to inspire YOU to awaken the sleeping beauty in you that has been laying in a type of suspended animation waiting for you to see yourself for who you truly are; a resonant being who’s very essence is beauty.

POST_SEED_2800Please take a moment and soak in the concept that the essence and resonance of who you truly are is Beauty.  And… this resonance can never be hurt, harmed or endangered – only forgotten! We are each resonant beings, and when we are not nourishing ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually it is because we have left ourselves on the side of the road by either living out our ancestors unresolved stuff, or allowing past events and negative beliefs and negative self talk to hold us hostage – making us a prisoner.

It is no little thing to be born into an organic body, through an organic womb, and into this dynamic pressure cooker reality. Choosing to be born into a body is a full on hero and heroine journey! I want to congratulate each one of us, and celebrate the courage it took to choose life, and to be born here and now at this time on planet Earth.

Seed is about change – making the real changes that have been calling out for experience in each of our heart’s for a longtime. This is a book about evolving our relationship to our self – and what it means to take care of our self in the 21st Century.

My book is an exploration of what self-love looks like and feels like. Consider this a primer workshop to discover what you need to develop in order to align with the beauty of who you are, and in turn grow a deeper appreciation and relationship with yourself. This book will provide you with the opportunity to release the resistance to the very changes you have desired for so long, by identifying and releasing your very personal addictions to pain.

You will discover for yourself what actions support a sustained resonance of your true essence, and how to let go of what does not support you by connecting you in with your future self – your evolved self that carries your wisdom, and has quietly been waiting to take you on an incredible journey.

It is my hope ‘Seed’ will inspire you to seek out a relationship with your own inner teacher, and you will commit to discovering what it means to truly appreciate yourself and explore how powerful you really are!

Seed is a 52 page book and will include two CDs inserted into the front and back covers: The CD inside the front cover will have the four songs I sing during my yoga sessions including Because You’re Beautiful; and the CD on the inside of the back cover will have a guided meditation to facilitate relaxation, and I will talk you through a small series of yoga asanas that are designed prepare you to sit in meditation. This second track is intended to assist you in developing your own personal mindfulness practice.