Radical Alignment Retreat Feb 2018


Begin 2018 loving yourself from top to toe – from the inside out!!

My Radical Alignment Retreat will focus on changing how we relate to ourselves starting with our bodies. If you have been wanting to lose weight or feeling super sluggish with no get up and go. Or you’ve been stressed to the max and need of a reset? I will be sharing some wonderful things I’ve discovered during my weight loss journey and my journey to clear myself of heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, and other toxic metals. I am excited to introduce you to Scott Collins a Naturopath who specializes in preventative medicine and clearing heavy metal toxicity. At the retreat Scott will test each attendee for heavy metals and micronutrient deficiencies with the Oligoscan, and give you a consult on his findings. This is a $150 value. To learn more about the Oligo Scan go to http://www.oligoscan.net.au/

A toxic overload in the body and exhausted adrenals can effect our ability to lose weight, our over all energy, mood and our attitude about life. Having a clear picture of what is happening in your body will give you the insight you need to make the self care choices from an informed place that are right for you.

We will focus on nutrition, improving our mental game, and create a strategy to follow through with the lifestyle choices you will want to make.

The CasaGrande Resort and Day Spa combines the luxury of resort style accommodation with spectacular water views, a tropical pool and day spa facilities, with a range of wellness promoting services, aimed at enhancing all areas of your life.

This is your time, your precious time! Treat yourself and give yourself the gift of expansion and refocus by reframing how you are going to meet this year differently than any year before!! It’s time blast the doors off the hinges to your personal cage of limitation.

You hold all the keys… it’s time!


My Radical Alignment Retreat is on Feb 9th, 10th & 11 – You can attend for all three days or join us on Saturday 10th for our Mind day or Sunday 11th for our Spirit day.  

Detailed information and bookings here


Included is:

Two,  three hour Toni Childs Because You’re Beautiful Yoga Experiences


Three Evening Ceremonies with music, flowers and candles: 
Cacao Ceremony
Fire Ceremony
Gratitude Ceremony


Three Days of Radical Alignment day time workshops:
Day One – Body, Day Two – Mind, Day Three – Spirit.


Oligo Scan Heavy Metal Test and consult with Naturopath Scott Collins


We dance and we sing and we cry and we have the best time ever!


VIP $1997 – Share – Only 10 spaces available

The VIP package includes share accommodation, all organic meals, an hour and a half massage, an out door day spa experience, plus a month long weekly check in with me to ensure you stay on track.
And of course an amazing Breakfast with me both mornings and a special gift bag that includes my new album, It’s All a Beautiful Noise,  as well as Zero Point (music for yoga) and other goodies!


Day Tripper $697 – Only 30 spaces available at each retreat so book now.  

The Day Tripper package includes organic lunch and dinner each day, a month long weekly check in with me to ensure you stay on track. Plus a special gift bag with my new album, It’s All a Beautiful Noise as well as Zero Point (music for yoga) and other goodies!

My Radical Alignment Retreat is without a doubt the best way to start your new year, so choose which is the best fit for you below!

If you are interested in reserving a space please call and speak to Rae Mitchell at 0439 651 584.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Peace Love and Gratitude,

Toni Childs